Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Dental Hygiene is Important

So I went to go see my dentist today. What does that have to do with hunting you ask? Well, my dentist is also one of my hunting partners. He is my duck blind partner. He is a really nice guy with a good sense of humor, not your average stuffy dentist. He's a rabid hunter as well, going after upland, waterfowl, and big game.

Its always sort of weird to go to his office and see him in his official setting. In the duck blind he is just my hunting partner, but in the office he is "the doctor". I respect that difference because it is important that he is seen as the lead dog, the main man, the big Kahona. His staff - which are all lovely, polite gals - scamper around in deference to him speaking a soft "yes, doctor" only when spoken to. Not that he is some sort of ogre; I've been seeing him as a patient for over 10 years and he always seems to have great staff morale. But hey, let's face it, he is the doctor.

My wife asked me today if I thought it was creepy that he is my hunting partner and my doctor, shoving his hands in my mouth, prodding and probing about with sharp instruments. I told her it was better than if he was my proctologist (not that I have one...). Its really not a big deal. He and I chat non-stop about hunting and fishing the whole time I am in the chair. Actually, its pretty much a one-way conversation. He talks and I offer a garbled 'uh huh', or 'uhnt uh'. But as you know, that's all guys need to have a full conversation - just ask our wives.

I think that the girls in his office - including his wife who is one of the hygienists (whole other story) - actually get a little annoyed because they have a schedule to keep and other patients in the que. Meanwhile, here we are carrying on like a couple of frat boys getting fired up for the coming season. They patiently stand by with blank stares on their faces, waiting to swoop in and do their jobs when we take a breath. Although, I don't think he really cares. After all, he is the doctor... By the way, don't forget to floss.

PS - Watch future posts for stories from the field with 'the doc'.


Editor said...

1st time here
congrats on a good looking site
will check back and keep in touch

SimplyOutdoors said...

Hey, nothing wrong with hanging out with hunting buddies, regardless of what their profession is.