Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeling Better Now

Ok, so I was a little cranky earlier this week when I wrote about how bad this waterfowl season was shaping up. I'm sorry I ranted, but I am feeling much better now.

Plus, there is a large winter storm brewing for this weekend that should bring a deep freeze up north (YES! New birds) as well as rain and wind to the valley (YES! Local birds get stirred up). So The Hunter Partner and I are going to head out on Sunday and see what ducks we can get to run into our barrels. I'll let you know how that goes.

Two random items that I thought you might enjoy. First, a friend of mine sent this definition from the Urban Dictionary and I thought it was quite humorous.

vegetarian -
A bad hunter. Someone who survives by consuming not food, but the stuff that food eats. Used: "The vegetarian was forced to subsist on slower prey, such as the broccoli and carrot."

This one is for Tom at Base Camp Legends. I know I am always talking about ducks but there is still nothing like a huge deer to get the heart beating. These pictures were sent to me from The Dad earlier this week. This big boy was hanging out at the house next door to the one I grew up in Colorado Springs. I cannot believe the size of this beast. How'd you like to see this staring back at you through your scope?

Happy Friday everyone, and good luck this weekend.


NorCal Cazadora said...

I'm pretty excited about the weather coming in too, because today is the last day of regular classes at school - for the next six weeks, I have minimal work duties - yay!

Interetingly enough, last weekend the Klamath Basin did get pretty cold and my friend email me Saturday to tell me the ducks had left. Sunday was really birdy at LDC. The ducks are definitely here - they just need a little rockin' and rollin'.

Blessed said...

we just got our forecast for this weekend - warm and windy... blech!

Hopefully your weekend turns out good, I think hubby might still decide to go deer hunting somewhere - we need some more meat in the freezer ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the hunt. Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Just chiming in with a dose of good luck for your hunting this weekend. Wow, that is some deer. Seems to be in a kick backed mood.

Tom Sorenson said...

AAIIIYYIIIE! That's the sound of my heart attack at sight of that buck. Sheesh - are you kidding me?! Gracious, that was for me, huh? Well, it dang near killed me! :) Man, someday I'll see one of those monsters in real life.

Side note - I'm not overly thrilled with the cold front coming in - it means we're gonna freeze our butts off up here!

Live to Hunt.... said...

I thought you might like that one Tom. What a monster just hanging out on mom and dad's lawn. Not too shabby.

Jeff Hunt said...

Man, I thought I had big bucks living behind the house! That is a monster...