Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Every Season Has Its Firsts

Even in the oddest of seasons, there always seems to be a few things that stand as interesting, unique or as a 'first'. After decades of hunting you would think that you've pretty much seen it all, but it never fails that each and every year there is something that causes you to pause, tilt your head to the side and give a verbal "hmm".

Here are a few of the things that made the 2008-09 duck season memorable.

One of the early firsts was the duck with a $100 reward band. Hunting can pay! That was the same day as out limits of greenheads on opening weekend. Special for sure.

That was cool, but then myself, The Hunting Partner and Uncle rented an airplane to scout a hunting area. I think we've really lost our minds.

There was also a special interview with one of my favorite wild game chefs, Scott Leysath. It was cool to hob-nob with the rich and famous. At least I pretended to hob-nob. It was actually just hanging out in his living room interviewing him.

Scott has some great recipes in his cookbook, one of which I used to cook my first scotch double on mallards. Pan seared duck with bourbon cream sauce. Yummm. That's not to be confused with the special recipe he made just for Hunt, Eat, Live!, which also included bourbon. I'm beginning to see a trend here.

There was also the first time that I was able to introduce hunting to an adult, and he then went on to shoot a Eurasian Wigeon as his third bird of his short hunting career. See if I ever take him out again.

The weather, or lack thereof, tops the list as the most interesting aspect of the season. We've experienced years of weather extremes in the past, but this had to be one of the oddest weather years ever. Frustrating one minute, wonderful the next. But mostly just frustrating.

It is these interesting aspects of the waterfowl season that will keep me coming back next fall. That plus the good fellowship, time connecting with my food source, time with friends and Max the dog. It is the accumulation of these wonderul memories and reliable firsts that are the reasons why I hunt, eat, and live!


The Hunter's Wife said...

That was a really nice post and I have to ask are those pictures taken by you? They are beautiful!

Live to Hunt.... said...

Thanks Jody, I appreciate the compliment. Yes, all the photos you see on Hunt, Eat, Live are taken by yours truly. I love hunting with the camera as much with the gun! :)

Blessed said...

It is very true that every season has it's first! I do think you should go ahead and continue to take The Friend hunting, even if he did already shoot an Eurasian Wigeon... who knows what he'll shoot next!

mdmnm said...

For me, one of the best things about being outdoors is that if you pay attention, you nearly always find something new or noteworthy. I think this is doubly true of fishing or hunting, as those activities cause you to pay more attention to your surroundings than you might otherwise. Sounds like you all had a really good season!

Terry Scoville said...

Very nice recap of a rather interesting season for sure. I agree that after decades of hunting one might think we've seen or done it all. What a wonderful surprise to know there is much more to be experienced and revealed to us!
I concur with Jody too about the photos.

Marian Love Phillips said...

The pictures are beautiful...you really have a gift. Enjoyed reading your post. Neat site...came from Deer Camp Blog.

Live to Hunt.... said...

Thanks Marian - I appreciate you checking in. I've heard all about you from the other OBSers.

LC said...

Kudos on a great season and keep up the excellent blogging!

Lang (Finspot)

EcoRover said...

How nice to reflect on a good season. I was pawing through the freezer for some elk steaks and came upon an antelope tenderloin: moral dilemma--do I sneak it into a little olive oil & a few juniper berries and eat it myself (they're little) or share?

crestonejake said...

Hi Live to hunt,
Please indulge me as I pay tribute to a very special hunting companion on your space but I felt it necessary to have an ode to Corky,
Dear Corky,
God saw you getting tired so He put his arms around you and said "time to come with me". Although I loved you dearly, with tearful eyes I watched you go into an eternal sleep and your heart stop beating. Then you were laid to rest. God broke my heart but again He proved to me that He only takes the best.
Your hunting buddy, Jake