Friday, August 7, 2009

OBS Challenge - Fighting for Susan

Just before I went onto my summer break, I wrote a post about a very personal topic, breast cancer, and how that horrible disease entered my family’s life seven years ago. That post took some effort for me to write, as I am not the greatest at being vulnerable and sharing close personal details.

However, as I learned during the process of dealing with my wife’s own battle, it is important to talk about breast cancer for many reasons - some very personal that help heal the soul, and others to help raise the collective awareness.

So as I worked my way through today’s daily blog readings, I was struck by Kristine’s latest OBS challenge to write about “Fighting Like Susan”, based on a post from fellow outdoor blogger, Elden. I learned that Elden writes a blog, Fat Cyclist, and recently he detailed a vulnerable, raw chronology about his wife Susan who recently ended her battle with cancer.

Kristine’s call for posts about personal stories involving cancer or outdoor companies that fight cancer seemed the perfect subject to emerge from my break and post my story. Whether you have been touched directly by cancer or not, I hope the OBS challenge will inspire you to help all of us continue fighting for a cure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input and taking up the OBS challenge.
Cancer is nothing to sneeze about and it effects so many people in so many ways.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I am definitely going to do my post, and participate in this challenge. Glad to see you blogging again.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Welcome back. It's a great challenge from the OBS and hope to see and hear some wonderful inspiring stories.

Blessed said...

Hope you enjoyed your summer! This is a challenge I'll be joining as well.